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… one of the most famous tourist attractions in Dominican Republic, located on the far eastern coast of the island, where the Caribbean and the Atlantic shake hands

With its fabulous hotels, beautiful countryside, fantastic beaches and excellent food, weddings in Punta Cana are everything you could dream about. You'll be pleased with all Punta Cana Destination Weddings here.

Have you ever thought about having a unique wedding, different from what people have done for years, but at the same time elegant and distinctive?

If that is what you are looking for, Punta Cana is the ideal place.

Punta Cana Weddings’ Beach

Punta Cana’s white sandy beaches, green palm trees and amazing red sunsets make Punta Cana weddings an incredible experience. It is the best present you can give yourself and your guests. Your memories about your wedding in Punta Cana will stay in your mind forever. As for your guests, they will never thank you enough for giving them the chance to enjoy a few days in a tropical heaven.

Whether at one of its amazing hotels, or at the beach, feeling the sand under your feet and following the rhythm of the crashing waves, in Punta Cana you will have the perfect scenery for your dreamed destination wedding.

Punta Cana Weddings’ Planning

Not sure about how to plan your Punta Cana destination wedding?

Well, the first step is to decide on a hotel. There is a great variety of incredible all inclusive resorts in Punta Cana that could satisfy anyone’s demands and taste. They offer very reasonable wedding packages, and some of them are recognized among newly married couples as leaders in the market. However, do not get misled. Not all that glitters is gold. Every hotel in Punta Cana claims to be an all-inclusive wedding resort. They could promise lots of things, but, in fact, there are certain hotels that do a much better job of Caribbean weddings than others. Here is a list of some of the resorts that we book most of our weddings in Punta Cana with, but there are many others that do a good job too. For more information ask our planners.

Punta Cana Wedding Resorts

Platinum Punta Cana Wedding Resort

Diamond Wedding Resorts in Punta Cana

Are you looking for a 5 star all-inclusive luxury hotel?

Then, when planning your Punta Cana wedding, The Bahia Principe Bavaro, Dreams Punta Cana Resort and Spa and Excellence Punta Cana Resort are among your best choices.

Do you want to get the most for your money but still have an exceptional wedding?

You should go with a 4-star resort. Caribe Club Princess, the Grand Paradise Bavaro, and the Tropical Princess resorts are some of the top in this group.

Once you have decided on the hotel you should move forward. Planning a wedding takes a lot of stress and energy. If you really want everything to work, if you want to feel relaxed and get rid of all the stress it can bring, All Inclusive Resorts can help you plan your destination wedding in Punta Cana.

Why choosing All Inclusive Resorts as your Punta Cana wedding planner?

What is the cost of a wedding package?

On average, wedding packages start at about $1500 including the ceremony, legal fees, the reception and some photography. Of course, you can customize them any way you want, but the extras often cost more than the package.

You have probably heard about FREE Punta Cana Weddings advertised by many travel agencies, right? Well, don’t trust them; there’s are NO absolutely free weddings in Punta Cana. Forget it, at the last minute, there is always a catch and some mandatory room upgrades that will cost you as much as any wedding package.

However, not everything is so unhopeful. In fact, most resorts really offer incentives to have couples book their wedding group at their Punta Cana wedding resorts.

If you book your Punta Cana wedding with us we will help you find the incentive programs that best suit you and your guests.

Are there any special requirements?

All Inclusive Resorts will take care of everything, or almost everything. You will not have to worry much. However, there are still some requirements you cannot forget about.  Make sure you get them all taken care of before your trip. Consult the Dominican Republic wedding requirements for more information.

An if you need any further information on requirements for Punta Cana Destination Weddings ask our planner.

It seems a lot of documents and planning but don’t be overwhelmed by the paper work. It’s easier than seems. Others have done it, why not you? Good luck!

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