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Varadero All Inclusive Resorts,the best holiday destination in Cuba

Varadero All Inclusive Resorts, set on a 22-kilometre strip of the finest white sand imaginable, are part of a peninsula that stretches far out into the calm clear waters of the Atlantic and displays an unparalleled range of blue shades.

Varadero, considered by many as the world's most beautiful beach has long been the pride of Cuba that’s why Varadero All Inclusive Resorts is many tourists’ favourite destination. With an average year-round water temperature of 24° C to 26° C, Varadero welcomes guests from all over the world, especially those who come there running away from the winter.

Varadero All Inclusive Resorts, Just a Two Hour Drive from Havana, the Capital City

Just a two hour drive from Havana, the capital city, Varadero All Inclusive Resorts are one of the best holiday destinations in Cuba, ideal for sun-lovers, water babies and golfers.

Varadero is not just an amazing beach. There is a lot of entertainment in Varadero All Inclusive Resorts and around in the city and after a long exciting day on the beach, nights are also full of joy and fun. There are lots of places to unwind in a Caribbean atmosphere in Varadero: discos, cabarets, bars, restaurants and a lot more will add a tropical touch to the vacation of your life.

The beautiful Varahicacos Reserve offers visitors wonderful fauna and flora, and a few archaeological findings. Right on the Varadero peninsula, Varahicacos Ecological Park offers gentle paths through the scrub forests and a series of small caves. Not to be missed is El Patriarca, a 600-year-old-cactus as tall as a tree grows at the end of the Hicacos peninsula, and the Ruinas de la Salina, a natural salt pit where leathers and meats were prepared over the centuries.

At about one hour is the Great Natural Park of Montemar, located in the Cienaga de Zapata Biosphere Reserve. This park addresses the multiple specialties of nature tourism such as open sea diving or speleodiving in sunken caves.

If you also have a craving for art, history and culture then head to the nearby cities of Cárdenas and Matanzas, the provincial capital. Nature seekers will be delighted with the Zapata Biosphere Reserve which is famous for its ecotourism and history.

There are lots of amazing places in Varadero that can make your vacation a trip to paradise and we are sure that Varadero’s beauty together with incredible facilities at  Varadero All Inclusive Resorts and friendly Cuban people, always ready to please you will make your Varadero All Inclusive Resorts vacation unforgettable. 

History and Geography around Varadero All Inclusive Resorts

Varadero All Inclusive Resorts are situated in Mantanzas province, quite to the west on the island of Cuba, on the long and narrow Hicacos Peninsula, between the bays of Matanzas and Cardenas, and enjoys a continuous delightful breeze that bathes the northern shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

When you think of Varadero All Inclusive Resorts, the first thing that comes to your mind is Varadero’s amazing beaches that are now surrounded by incredibly beautiful All Inclusive Resorts that can guarantee an unforgettable holiday for your entire family, but Varadero is more than that. You can visit the Xanadú mansion, an old colonial residence which has been turned into a restaurant. Parque Josone, Varadero´s Natural Park, is another interesting place, a lush and peaceful park; with 462 hectares of the original forest in the area, sea terraces, caves and a wide representation of wildlife, is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy nature. An interesting place not only for Cubans, but also for tourists is San Ambrosio cave, decorated with drawings and geometrical designs that were made by Siboney Indians many years ago.

The Siboney Indians were the first inhabitants of the land where Varadero All Inclusive Resorts are now. They were a sub-group of the Cubacanan people. The Siboney left many traces in this region.

Soon after the arrival of the Spanish conquerors in the late 16th century, salt was discovered and mined for profit. Black slaves from Africa were also brought in the work after the indigenous population was exhausted. These slaves left an important mark on the culture and religious practices.

As everywhere in Cuba, the Spanish influence in the area of Varadero is also very strong. It is also evident in the architecture, customs, gastronomy and culture in general.

Matanzas with time became a popular cultural center were musicians, poets and writers flocked to. This province is home to two music festivals and many cultural activities take place in the culture centers, theatres and cabarets.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the city, visit the Museo Municipal, where you can find out more about this place.

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