David and Stephanie

February 13, 2007

We're having a destination wedding and you're invited!

This Caribbean wedding demo is just a look at what your wedding website could look like. You coose the look and feel and we'll make it for you. Send us pictures and information and we'll piece it together for you. You have a choice of having your own Navbar on the left or having ours from our site. It depends whether you want your guests to be able to navigate around our site and find information or whether you want them to feel like they're in your own space.

When we first started planning our wedding here in Chicago we looked at getting married at the Simoan gardens, since both David and I wanted an outdoor ceremony. That idea was quickly thrown out due to obvious reasons. (hello we live in Chicago!) So we decided to get married indoors. As we continued to plan, it seemed that in the end we were going to work so hard on planning this beautiful wedding and we would not get to enjoy it. We decided to take our parents advice and have a Destination Wedding! We realize that there are many advantages to having a traditional wedding it just isn't for us. Of course we realize many of you will not be able to attend. As much as we wish everyone could be there we know that's not possible. We are very happy and excited about our decision and hope that those who choose to join us will be as well.

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