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Holguin All Inclusive Resorts, One of the Best Destinations Not Only in Cuba, but Also in the Caribbean

Holguin All Inclusive Resorts are one of the best destinations not only in Cuba, but also in the Caribbean. Amazing beaches, incredible marine life, the second largest coral reef in the world, exuberant vegetation and fantastic people await you at Holguin All Inclusive Resorts.

The province of Holguin is a traditional sugar, cattle and mineral producer. Excellent coffee grows on its southern mountain slopes, as does one of Cuba's important tobacco crops. Hence Santa Clara has always been an important commercial center and today houses one of Cuba's largest universities.

A recently built causeway linking the mainland to the keys of Santa Maria has helped open the beautiful virgin beaches to tourism.

Holguin All Inclusive Resorts and its Amazing Beaches

Holguin All Inclusive Resorts have become one of the main tourist destinations in Cuba. Its amazing almost virgin white sandy beaches and the incredibly beautiful surroundings make Holguin All Inclusive Resorts a unique destination. Playa Esmeralda, Playa Pesquero and many others, are just examples to mention.

The contrast between the clear turquoise waters, the bright green vegetation in the mountains bordering the beaches and the fine white sand make Holguin beaches unbelievable.

Accessible by a recently built causeway linking the mainland to the keys, Villa Clara's northern coast counts two pristine beaches:

- Cayo Santa María, with 11 km of spectacular sands, is set in a beautiful natural surrounding.
- The isle of Las Brujas has 2 km of virgin beach.

An Amazing Flora and Fauna around Holguin All Inclusive Resorts


What is incredibly beautiful about Holguin is that there is an amazing flora and fauna around Holguin All Inclusive Resorts. Beautiful mountains covered with exuberant tropical vegetation frame Holguin beaches to make them unique.

Hanabanilla Lake in Holguin is a large, fresh-water mountain reservoir surrounded by tropical forest of the Escambray Mountains. It is a popular Cuban fishing spot and includes a flora and fauna reserve.

These are just some of the many natural attractions Holguin All Inclusive Resorts offer tourists who want to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in this natural paradise.

History surrounding Holguin All Inclusive Resorts

There is a lot of history surrounding Holguin All Inclusive Resorts. It was in the area where most of these resorts are now where Christopher Colombus first arrive to Cuba and it is said that he was so surprised by the beauty of this region that he said it was the most beautiful island that humans had ever seen.

The city of Holguin was founded in 1689 on the site of the ancient Native American village of Cubanacan. The coastal population wanted to flee from the frequent attacks of privateers and pirates, a common story for many coastal towns.

In 1958, guerilla troops commanded by Ernesto Che Guevara attacked the industrial centre of Santa Clara after a hard, 400-kilometre march that had begun in the Sierra Maestra mountains. The dictatorship finally surrendered to Guevara's troops and that was the beginning of what tourists can enjoy now.

Why choosing Holguin All Inclusive Resorts?

Holguin, also known as The City of Parks is a small but cozy town with excellent first class all inclusive resorts located in amazing surroundings next to unbelievable white sandy beaches. Still not convinced? Well, I’m sure you will enjoy excellent Holguin weather, you will be amazed with delicious Holguin food, you will be surprised with Holguin cheap hotels, and you will fall in love with Holguin excellent beaches, even topless beaches. Just come and Holguin’s friendly people will be very happy to welcome you home.

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