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Puerto Plata All Inclusive Resorts have been attracting European vacationers for decades, mostly because of the area’s accessibility, reasonable pricing and pristine beaches. North American travelers have discovered Puerto Plata All Inclusive Resorts and have been flying to them in droves.

Puerto Plata has everything that you’re looking for in a Caribbean beach vacation – beautiful beaches, warm Caribbean waters, and cultural attractions. A trip to Puerto Plata All Inclusive Resorts usually comes in at fractions of what you’d pay at other destinations. Book with all-inclusive-resorts.com and pay even less!

Guaranteed Sunshine

However, probably the biggest reason to visit Puerto Plata all inclusive resorts is for that guaranteed Caribbean sunshine. The Dominican Republic has probably the most consistent weather in the islands with very little annual precipitation. You can be confident that you’re not going to be spending your Caribbean vacation inside your Puerto Plata hotel room watching the rain come down. There is slightly more rain in the winter than in the other seasons, but rarely is an entire day at the beach lost to foul weather.

Where is Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is a province and city on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic which showcases over 300 km of awe-inspiring waterfront and beaches. Most of the Puerto Plata all inclusive resorts are not actually in the city of Puerto Plata, but in a resort area called Playa Dorada or the tourist zone surrounding Sosua Bay.

Puerto Plata History and Culture

Puerto Plata has been a major sea port since Christopher Columbus came to the island in 1492. The port was mainly used to export bananas and other fruit to Europe and the Americas. With an influx of Cubans, starting in the early 19th century, the sugar farming industry began to grow and Puerto Plata became one of the world’s biggest sugar ports.

The area of Puerto Plata is definitely a melting pot of different cultures that have created a unique Dominican identity that has continuously evolved over hundreds of years. Puerto Plata’s inhabitants include descendents from Spaniards, Cubans, freed American slaves and a variety of other cultures.


The different cultures have left their mark on the architecture of the area and touring the streets and villages is like taking a walk through history. Spanish is the main language of the area, but you will hear several languages in use as you travel around. While basic Spanish is helpful to travel through the country, a friendly smile and hand gestures will enamor you to these warm and friendly people.

Getting to Puerto Plata

Cheap airfare to Puerto Plata is now relatively easy to find with many airlines flying direct into Luperon International Airport. Many airlines fly direct from Miami, Atlanta, San Juan and connecting flights or charters make Puerto Plata all inclusive resorts accessible from everywhere in the world.

Nightlife in Puerto Plata

The nightlife that you can enjoy from Puerto Plata all inclusive resorts ranges from the moderately timid to the overwhelmingly insane. Every resort in Puerto Plata offers nightly shows and features bars and discos to entertain their guests. There are over 20 Puerto Plata resort discos that accept visitors from any resort, the popularity of them seem to rotate. Ask your animation director where the hippest disco in town is and get ready to party the night away.

If you’re looking for exciting Dominican nightlife take a trip to La Barrica. This incredibly busy and aggressive Merengue club is filled with locals every night after 11:00. You’ll see dancing (and perhaps other things that will blow you away). Keep in mind that this club features great dancing, but is definitely a “pickup joint” – women definitely shouldn’t go alone. This is an aggressive environment and not for the faint of heart, if you step into La Barrica, you’re dancing Merengue – whether you like it or not. La Barrica lies just south of Puerto Plata on the highway to Santiago.

Puerto Plata Excursions

Everything you can think of doing on a Caribbean vacation is available when you visit Puerto Plata All Inclusive Resorts. Golf, scuba diving, snorkeling, great Caribbean deep sea fishing – you’ll find it all here.

Popular sightseeing excursions include a walk through the Fort San Felipe which is the oldest fort in the New World, commissioned by the King of Spain in 1564. For centuries the fort had the reputation of being the most impenetrable fortress in the Caribbean. Fort San Felipe has been fully restored and is now open as a public museum. Open daily from 9-5.

The observation tower at Isabel de Torres provides probably the best view in the entire Caribbean. The tower is at 2555 feet above sea level. Tourists are taken by cable car to the observation tower which also boasts a beautiful tropical garden. On a clear day, you’d swear that you could see clear across the Sea to the Turks and Caicos.


Puerto Plata Weddings: Easy Solutions for Busy Lifestyles

Puerto Plata is perhaps the best location for destination beach weddings in the Caribbean. Every hotel offers “free” wedding packages with your stay. We'll help you weed through the offers to create the perfect memory of your Caribbean wedding. Upgrades are available to match what you’re looking for: a much easier and cheaper solution than planning a traditional wedding. While island weddings do tend to run on island time, you’ll be guaranteed beautiful photo ops and a wonderfully relaxing way to start your new lives together.

Puerto Plata Deals

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