The Mayan Riviera All Inclusive Resorts

The Mayan Riviera-beach

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The Mayan Riviera All Inclusive Resorts, a 150-Km Strip of Unspoiled Beaches and Tropical Forest

The Mayan Riviera All Inclusive Resorts is a 150-km strip of unspoiled beaches and tropical forest that is located 40 km south from Cancun. The area known as the Mayan Riviera covers some small communities and little towns that offer tourists some of the best holiday options in the Caribbean. Crystal clear waters bathe amazing white sand beaches in this southeast end of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Cancun, a world known tourist destination in the northern tip of the coast has been the focus of tourism in the Caribbean for many years. Today, a new destination, the Mayan Riviera All Inclusive Resorts has called attention of tourists all over the world for its interesting cultural and historical sites.

Compared to Cancun, the Mayan Riviera All Inclusive Resorts is not such a crowded area.  Here, miles of secluded virgin beaches with clear turquoise waters stretch out surrounded by one of the largest coral reefs in the world on one side and a tropical jungle that lines up the amazing white sand beaches on the other. This makes this place especially attractive for tourists. Caverns, caves, underground rivers, lush tropical vegetation, a rich fauna and many archaeological sites that are connected to Mayan civilization make this place unique.

The Mayan Riviera All Inclusive Resorts, Amazing Places to be Discovered

The Mayan Riviera-beach

There are many amazing places at the Mayan Riviera All Inclusive Resorts waiting to be discovered. Akumal, and Kantenah, small resort towns to the north are popular among divers and snorkelling lovers because of the coral reef that protects the beach. It is the ideal place to see turtles that come to the beach in the summer nights to lay their eggs.

Yal-Ku Lagoon, another interesting place that was once Maya’s trading route is now a bird watcher’s paradise. Tulum, a walled city on top of a cliff has amazing ocean views. This city, located in a region in Quintana Roo, was once called Zama, which in Mayan meant dawn. Today Bahía Príncipe Hotel, just 20 minutes from this city is one of tourists’ favourite.

 In the middle of this unexplored jungle another incredible place has called tourist attraction, Coba, where a huge 42 meter pyramid, Nohoc Mul, the tallest on the Yucatán peninsula reminds tourists of the history of this region.  Sian Ka’an, a biosphere reserve, registered in UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 1987, is only 11 km from Tulum. It covers an area of 653 thousand hectares of amazing secluded beaches, swamps, lagoons, mangroves and a diverse flora and fauna.

The Mayan Riviera-beach

Xcaret, tourists’ favourite place is an eco-archeological park located on a place known as Polé that was Mayas site for important ritual ceremonies. a sandy beach, underground fresh-water rivers, birds, pumas and jaguars, horses and even dolphins await you here. At night, a show will take you back to a Mayan rite.


Xel-Ha, that in Mayan means "where the water rises", is a wonderful natural park just 15 minutes away from Bahía Príncipe Hotel. Playa del Carmen, Just 66 km from Cancun, is not so far from many interesting places in this region either. It makes this place the ideal destination for those who want to explore the amazing surroundings. You can also take one of the boats that leave from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel every hour and discover this beautiful island. Its rich natural beauty, clear turquoise waters and waters and unparallel white sand beaches make it unique.

Mexican Food, Which Is Quite Different from the One, Sold at Many Mexican Restaurants around the World

Although many resorts nowadays offer a wide selection of International cuisine dishes, it would be worth trying real Mexican food, which is quite different from the one sold at many Mexican restaurants around the world. While visiting the Mayan Riviera All Inclusive Resorts don’t miss the chance to try delicious Mexican food: Bean Enchiladas, Guacamole, Mexican Chicken, Quesadillas (Grilled Chicken Tortillas), Tamales, Horchata.

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