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Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts, an Amazing Tropical Paradise

North of Villa Clara, a province right in the center of Cuba, three small islets Las Brujas, Ensenachos and Santa Maria are joined by a road over the sea that connects this amazing tropical paradise with mainland. Cayo Santa Maria, the biggest of these islets, gives name to this amazing Caribbean destination, also known as the white rose of Jardines del Rey.  Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts idyllic fine white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters make it the ideal place for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts excellent beaches, the exuberant tropical vegetation around the resorts, the many interesting options available, the wide range of water sports and activities you can enjoy, the excellent All Inclusive resorts and even the cheap Cuban hotels you can find, compared to other resorts in the Caribbean, make this destination really appealing.   The development of tourist industry in the last few years has made the 2 113 rooms spread in the 5 fabulous resorts in Cayo Santa Maria one of the top options in the Caribbean.

The History of Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts

The province of Villa Clara is a traditional sugar, cattle and mineral producer. Excellent coffee grows on its southern mountain slopes, as does one of Cuba's important tobacco crops. Hence Santa Clara has always been an important commercial center and today houses one of Cuba's largest universities.

Until the beginning of this century Cayo Santa Maria was a secluded island visited only by fishermen and few Villa Clara citizen. The recently built causeway linking the mainland to the keys of Santa Maria has helped open these beautiful virgin beaches to tourism.

Some people say the history of Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts dates back to November 2001 and it is closely related to Cayo Largo. It was on November 4, 2001 when a terrible hurricane hit Cayo Largo and tourists who were used to visiting this beautiful island had to find another beach destination in the region until Cayo Largo was recovered. By then, the first destination in the North of Villa Clara had just opened and that is how all started. Since then, thousands of people travel to Cayo Santa Maria every year.  

Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts White Sand Beach and Clear Turquoise Water, a Paradise that Seems to Be Taken From a Great Painter’s Work

For those who prefer peace and quietness Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts white sand beach and clear turquoise water are a paradise that seems to be taken from a great painter’s work. Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts are also favourite among those who enjoy being in contact with nature and enjoy exploring the amazing underwater life in these islands. Cayo Santa Maria 11 km of spectacular sand beaches surrounded by lush Caribbean vegetation and Las Brujas 2 km of virgin beach make this destination unique.

Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts, Considered By UNESCO A Biosphere Reserve

Cayo Santa Maria was considered by UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve. 10 endangered species of the country’s endemic list are found in this region. You can find huge groups of flamencos, seagulls, iguanas, mollusks and many others; you will eventually see a tocororo, Cuban national bird; woodpeckers, hawks, deer and lots of other animals.  Exuberant vegetation that includes about 248 species adds to this diverse fauna. Mangroves, different palm tree species, coconut trees and many other tropical fruit trees surround Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts and make this place a real heaven on Earth.

Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts, all year round beach season

Temperature in Cayo Santa Maria All Inclusive Resorts ranges from 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. The coral reef near the beach controls the winds and makes the sea very quiet. It is generally sunny and tropical climate makes beach season last all year round.

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