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Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts, a Tropical Paradise

Off the South coast of Cuba’s main island, two idyllic islands are bathed by the Caribbean, Cayo Largo del Sur and the Isle of Youth. With sugar-white beaches and spectacular dive sites, Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts are set in a tropical paradise.

Everything in Cayo Largo is magic; Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts have the advantage of being part of an unparalleled environment; Cayo Largo weather, like in many other Caribbean islands is fabulous, an endless summer awaits you there; Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts have made an effort to make Cayo Largo food appealing to tourists from all over the world who visit this wonderful island, you have hotels for every pocket in Cayo Largo, it is not a problem to find cheap hotels there and you can sometimes get great offers; there are areas in Cayo Largo where you can find not just topless beaches, but also nude beaches, for those who enjoy it.

Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts call out to visitors in search of beauty and tranquility. You will be enchanted by its crystalline waters and seabeds. Diving enthusiasts will be rewarded by some of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world so don't forget to bring your underwater camera.

Look for your favourite excursion and take Cayo Largo day trip. You will be surprised with the wonderful scenery you will discover in the surroundings. 
To the west of Cayo Largo you will find the Isle of Youth, second in size only to the main island, which is characterized by grapefruit fields, pine trees, parrots and marshes

Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts Amazing Beaches

24 km of sugar-white beaches are the main attraction of this archipelago. Just to mention some of Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts favourite beaches, you can’t miss Lindamar, a beach surrounded by white cliffs. It is a favourite spot for turtles who come and burry their eggs in the sand. Sirena beach is just over 2 km long. Some people say this is the most beautiful beach of all the keys.

Playa los Cocos, called this way because of the great amount of coconut trees that provide their shade on this amazing beach, has shallow waters. There is also a sunken ship nearby that is the main attraction of divers. Playa Tortuga is a quiet getaway from the more populated beaches. Playa Paraiso has remained untouched which makes it especially attractive for those looking for peace and rest.

Incredible Wildlife around Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts

Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts are surrounded by incredible tropical wildlife. Extensive wetlands can be toured and the mangroves are a birdwatchers paradise such as parrots and hummingbirds. Tortoises have chosen this place as a breeding ground and can be seen at night burying their eggs in the warm sand. Cayo Iguana is home to thousands of these reptiles, evocative of prehistoric times but completely harmless.

The Isle of Youth has two parks: the Punta Frances National Marine Park is an underwater paradise with its typical Caribbean landscape and exuberant marine flora and fauna and the San Felipe-Los Indios Nature Reserve.

Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts, a bit of History

According to a thousand year old cave drawing discovered in Punta del Este, Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts are set on a land that was originally inhabited by a nomadic tribe, the Guayabo Blanco, who lived on wild root vegetables and fruits, as well as fishing and hunting. It is also known that they used fire and lived in the open.

Christopher Columbus would have arrived to Cayo Largo in 1494 during his second voyage to Cuba. Many ships have attempted the same voyage but the tricky, shallow waters and numerous naval combat have caused several to sink. Most of these ships were corsairs and pirates or navigators such as John Hawkins, Francis Drake and the famous pirate Pepe El Mallorquín.

With time Cayo Largo became a sleepy place and was populated mostly by fishermen. It was only after 1959 that it was seen as a potential tourist destination but it took more than 20 years for the first Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resorts to appear.

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