The All Inclusive Resorts Booking Process

We strongly encourage all of our customers to shop around so that they can rest assured that we are the cheapest Caribbean all inclusive resorts wholesaler anywhere.

Once you see a hotel that you’re interested in that fits your budget, find your airfare using the Airfare Finder on our site . The price for airfare changes drastically on a day to day basis, so make sure you find a suitable flight to go along with your hotel. If you’re having trouble finding reasonable flights, contact us and we’ll see what we can help you come up with.

Now, you’re ready to book your hotel. You already know the price because with our pricing system; what you see is what you pay. Fill out our quote request or give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

Here are the steps to booking with us:

  1. Let us know the specifics of your vacation by filling out our Quote Request Form

  2. We’ll email you a detailed booking form for you to print, fill out your credit card authorization and sign.
  3. We have different types of packages depending on where you're located. For Canadian clients we provide all inclusive vacation packages including airfare. For American clients we usually provide wholesale rates for hotels and pair them with published flights.
  4. We do this because there just aren't as many flights available in Canada and we have to use charter flights.
  5. As soon as we receive your signed booking form we will give you a booking confirmation number that you can verify with the hotel. You will also receive copies of your hotel vouchers (the originals are sent directly to the hotel).

Why do we prefer to complete the booking process the “old-fashioned” way?

Credit Card fraud is a huge problem online. To insure against fraud, companies that book online hopefully use insured gateway payment companies that charge enormous fees that are passed on to you, increasing the price of your vacation. An online payment can be secure, but the customer ends up paying for that security.

Because we book our hotels by fax, we don’t have to buy fraud insurance and can pass more savings on to our customers. Besides, it gives us another chance to talk with our customers and build a relationship.

When it comes to airfare - we have no choice, the airlines insist that payments be carried out online. Even if we booked with you by fax, we'd have to pay the airlines online.


If you have any questions about our booking process, contact us

We'd love to talk to you about the All Inclusive Resorts booking process!

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